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You have reached my translation services rates page. Here you find all you need to know about the costs of translation services at Janneke Mol Language Solutions. I have been translating for more than 15 years now, from the moment I moved to Scotland in 2002 and started working for the University of Glasgow. I have been a freelance translator for over 5 years. My rates are a good reflection of my experience and knowledge and I can help you with a number of different services that all have something to do with the languages English and Dutch. My university degree in English Language, many years of experience, my background as a writer and feeling for languages combined guarantee you a flawless translation.


Current translation projects:

  • I am an official translator for the Daily Art app.
  • I work on transcripts and content analyses for QQFS/M3 Global Research.



The costs of my translation services

To make it easier for you and me, I present the costs of my translation services in handy bundles. I used to charge only per word, but that meant that making a correct quote beforehand was tricky. All the bundles contain certain services that are all included in the price. The final costs of translation the services you need then become much clearer and easier to estimate. I am sure there is a bundle that suits you. Maybe you want a simple translation or you want me to edit, correct or rewrite an existing text? I can also translate SEO content including keyword research for a better position in the rankings. The last bundle is designed especially for those in need of a transcript/content analysis in English from a Dutch or English conversation.


Custom made bundles

I cannot cover everything with the bundles that I offer and it is always possible that what you need is not listed here. That is why amongst this overview of bundles and accompanying costs of those translation services, you also find a custom made plan, tailored to your needs. All the bundles include an introductory meeting and a quote with my proposal for you to approve. In the custom made bundle those are accompanied by the work you need me to do for you. In the table below you find information about the content of the bundles and the costs of translation services that go with them.


Ready-made translation bundles

Rate incl. VAT



Basic translation bundle

I will make a quality translation for you, from English to Dutch or from Dutch to English.

·         Introductory meeting.

·         Custom made quote for you to approve.

·         A flawless translation.

·         Fast delivery, no long delays.

€0,07 - €0,08 per word

Correcting, editing or rewriting

I will turn a boring, disorganized text or a text full of mistakes into a fresh, error-free and clear new document.

·         Introductory meeting.

·         Custom made quote for you to approve.

·         A strong and flawless new text.

·         Fast delivery, no long delays.

€0,05 per word

Translating for SEO

I will translate or correct one page or more pages of your website into Dutch. Whilst doing that, I will also apply all the SEO content rules so your new pages start off great in the search engine results.

·         Introductory meeting.

·         Keyword research for the Dutch pages.

·         Custom made action plan including quote for you to approve.

·         Catchy text(s) written for SEO.

·         Meta titles and meta descriptions for SEO.

·         Publishing of the new pages in you CMS, if you wish.

·         Discount for larger volumes.

€120 per page

Content analysis or transcript

You will receive a full English transcript or a schematic content analysis in English of a conversation or interview in Dutch.

·         Introductory meeting.

·         Custom made quote for you to approve.

·         High quality transcript or content analysis

·         Discount for larger volumes.

€2,50 per minute on tape

Custom made bundle

After a long consultation I will put together a custom made bundle for you with all the services you need.

·         Introductory meeting.

·         Custom made quite for you to approve.

·         Custom made and personal plan tailored to your wishes and needs.

In consultation

Urgency fee

30% uplift


Rates are average and slightly variable

When looking at the costs of the translation services I offer, you can see that they are average and match the experience and knowledge that I have. They are also slightly variable, because what you will eventually pay per word/page/minute depends on several factors. The most important of those is the level of difficulty. I am also prepared to lower my rates if you place a larger order, for example of several pages or multiple texts. If you need a translator urgently or outside business hours an urgency fee applies and the costs of translation services go up by 30%. The prices you pay for the services outlined might vary, but the translation services rates will never exceed what is outlined in the table above.


This is why you should choose Janneke Mol Language Solutions

The following points tell you exactly why Janneke Mol Language Solutions is the English and Dutch translation services specialist for you:

  • The costs of my translation services are clear, honest and average.
  • For this you get a flawless translation true to the original style and tone.
  • I have more than 15 years of experience in translating English and Dutch.
  • Apart from Dutch translation services I also offer translating for SEO purposes, transcriptions and content analyses of audio files and correcting existing texts.
  • The costs of my translation services are summarised in handy bundles to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.


The next step

You are now fully aware of the costs and the type of translation services I offer. Would you decide to make use of one of my services, you can contact me in several ways. Let me know what you need and I will schedule an introductory meeting to discuss it.

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