Services and prices

I am a freelance text writer with three years of practical experience. The prices below reflect this and can be used as an indication. The final quotation will be put together on the basis of a short interview. The eventual costs can vary because of the amount of research needed or the difficulty of the subject, for example. All the specified amounts are including VAT and in Euro's. These can be converted to the currency of your choice as per the exchange rate at the time the quotation is made.


Prices (SEO) copy writing

  • Copy writing per word in English: €0,09 - €0,10
  • Correcting, editing, rewriting per word: €0,075 - €0,08
  • SEO copy writing including keyword analysis: €0,30 per word
  • Blog subscriptions: in consultation
  • Urgency fee: €0,12 - €0,14 per word

Prices translations (certified translations not available)

  • Translation Dutch-English or English - Dutch per word: €0,09 - €0,10
  • Urgency fee: €0,12 - €0,14

Online language classes

  • English lessons per hour: €20
  • Dutch lessons per hour: €25
    • Specialised and certified in preparing students for IELTS
    • Specialised and certified in preparing students for TOEIC
    • I am a certified TEFL teacher and can help everyone around the world to improve their English.
  • Package of 20 hours: €380 (one hour for free)
  • Package of 40 hours: €720 (two hours for free)